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The unique design of this Revolutionary Full-Size Rocket Stove - The VIREstove - allows you to fold the Stove into "Tablet" size in seconds. You can simply carry it in your backpack or keep it in your trunk or just take a walk with it and it is ready to use at any time.

VIREstove is environmentally friendly and frees you from carrying gas or any other artificial burning materials.

VIREstove’s patented design allows you to fold and unfold the Rocket-Stove in seconds, which means you will enjoy the benefit of a full-size Rocket Stove that is portable enough to easily carry anywhere when you are flying, driving, or hiking.


" favorite of the rocket stoves, This is the VIREstove, this is a folding one piece rocket stove and its absolutely insane!

we think the design is completely ingenues, it can definitely hold huge pots and woks..."

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