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The VIREmini

Following the Classic VIREStove success, we are now happy and proud to launch the mini version.
Like the Classic version, VIREmini is a real full-size Rocket Stove, but its unique design allows one to fold and unfold it in seconds.

The VIREmini is the best solution for one or two persons cooking needs.
Its small size and weight make it easy to carry and use anywhere, anytime.

It’s a one-piece Rocket stove. Which makes it extremely easy and simple to open and fold the stove in seconds.


Good to fly with - Unlike an LPG bottle, you can take it on a plane. This means you won't waste time and effort on finding the right adaptors when you're visiting foreign countries.



Folded - 22cm X 16cm  or  8.6' X 6.2'

Opened - 22cm X 22cm X 8cm  or  8.6' X 8.6' X 3.1'

Chimney diameter - 8cm X 8cm X 8cm X 8cm  or  6.2' X 6.2' X 6.2' X 6.2'



1.85 LBS \ 850 Grams

VIREmini + Case

SKU: 2000

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    We ship all around the world.
    Delivery times to main destinations:
    USA - about 2 weeks
    EU+UK - about a week
    Japan - about 2 weeks
    Australia - about 2 weeks

    *note, The delivery time may very between countries and regions.

    *note, delivery may take up to 2 months

    to any country or region.

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