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VIREstove...                   What is it?

VIREmini closed.jpg
Meet the VIRE

It’s really simple. We’ve improved on the well known Rocket Stove concept by making it totally portable.

Rocket Stove heat is extremely efficient because of the accessibility of air straight into the fire zone.

Organic material is the feedstock and it is available everywhere.

Mixing old and new

the VIREstove cycle

The VIREstove, allows you to fold the Stove in to "Tablet" size in seconds. You can simply carry it in your backpack or keep it in your trunk or just take a walk with it and it is ready to use at any time.

VIREstove is environmentally friendly and frees you from carrying gas or any other artificial burning materials.

VIREstove’s patented design allows you to fold and unfold the Rocket-Stove in seconds, that means you will enjoy the benefit of a full size Rocket Stove that is portable enough to easily carry anywhere when you are flying, driving or hiking.

#Just find a place to camp and your VIREstove is ready to use.

The unique design of this Revolutionary
foldable Full Size Rocket Stove,

How to Video
From "Tablet" size to
full size Rocket Stove

How to steps


How to care for
your VIREstove


Warnings & Safety



Delivery Time

We ship all around the world.


Delivery times to main destinations:

USA - about 2 weeks

EU+UK - about a week

Japan - about 2 weeks

Australia - about 2 weeks

*note, The delivery time may very between countries and regions.

*note, delivery may take up to 2 months

to any country or region.

Material & weight

The VIREstove weighs 1.4kg or 3 lbs
and the VIREmini weighs 850g or 1.9lbs
Both made out of stainless steel 304

The VIREtitanium weighs 688g or 1.5lbs
and it is made out of Titanium steel


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